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The Netherlands or Belgium

With extensive experience in repacking, packaging, labeling, grinding or filling, we can take care of all your needs in repacking.
From or to;

  • 20-25 kg sacks, valve and stitched
  • 20-25 kg cartons
  • Big bags in all sizes
  • In liner bags 20’
  • Flexi liners liquid 20’
  • IBC’s in metal and plastic
  • Silo trucks, dry as well as liquids
  • Drums in all sizes

Other services we provide:

  • Grinding all hardened products and making them free flowing
  • Cleaning the IBCs
  • Adding nitrogen to prolong the shelf-life
  • Blending and mixing products, liquid and dry

Naturally, all of the above listed activities will take place under ISO-22000 / HACCP / GMP+

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