The quality of Oostvogels Groep

Delivering quality is of paramount importance to Oostvogels Groep. With the Logistics, Transport and Distribution departments in the Netherlands and Logistics BVBA in Belgium, Oostvogels Groep has complete control over the process from producer to consumer, allowing flexible and fast action. By working with a mix of employees, young and old, we combine years of experience with new knowledge and flexibility.

Own cars and drivers

We always use our own vehicles and drivers for all our freight, in order to guarantee the quality of your products. We have an excellently maintained fleet, which is very suitable for ADR transport. This fleet consists of delivery vans, refrigerated trucks, rigids (up to 13.6 metres), tautliners (with or without a tailgate) and special HACCP vehicles for FOOD goods.

All our vehicles are equipped with B3 alarm systems, satellite connection and the most modern communication equipment, allowing us to guarantee optimal security and traceability.

European distribution

Oostvogels Groep does not only supply your products in the Netherlands. We can deliver your products to various European countries. You can contact us for distribution to destinations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux), France, Northern Italy and Barcelona (Spain). You can read more about this on the page European Distribution.


For many years we have specialized in repacking, packaging, labelling, grinding and/or filling products. We can therefore take care of all your repacking needs. Oostvogels Groep offers a wide range of packaging. For example, we can repackage your product to a content of 1 to 1000 kilos. You can read more about this on the page Repacking.

Stock Visibility

To make it easy for you, you can contact us via a login code LoginThis allows you to track goods identification, order picking and automated stock management anytime and anywhere.

Value Added Services

You can also contact us for mixing and mixing products, adding nitrogen to products, cleaning IBCs and grinding & freeflowing products. We also do this ourselves, to guarantee the best quality. Read more about it on the page Value Added Services.

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