Oostvogels Groep has a total warehouse area of ​​more than 70,000 m2. Of this, 40,000 m2 of warehouse can be found on the Dutch side of the Logistic Center Hazeldonk-Meer and 34,000 m2 on the Belgian side. These surfaces are used for many types of storage and transhipment, such as:

Storage in Racking

In our warehouses we have a large area of ​​storage in racking. We often use RF scanning for your storage. Using stickers with barcodes, we can immediately place your products in the correct location on the racks. By then scanning this, the product in combination with the location is immediately processed in our system. Thanks to this efficient way of working, you can immediately see when the goods have arrived. 

Storage Temperature

You can store your products with us under different temperatures. We have ambient storage, cold storage and heated storage. 

Bulk Storage (Feed, Food and Pharma)

We store our bulk goods in a specially equipped warehouse. These goods are intended for Feed, Food and Pharma purposes. Of course, this is handled with care at all times.

Dry silo storage & Liquid silo storage

With a total silo storage of 7880 tons, we have a wide range for the storage of liquid and dry goods, for both Feed and Food products. 

Hazardous goods storage (ADR)

We use warehouses specially equipped for the storage of ADR goods. These are located on the Belgian side of the border. Here we store goods from hazard classes 3 (flammable), 4 (flammable), 5 (oxidizing), 6 (toxic), 8 (corrosive) and 9 (various).

Customs warehouse storage

With a permanently present customs department, fiscal representation is one of the options. All declarations and listings are hereby taken care of for you.

For these types of storage we are of course certified in GMP (ovocom), GMP+ B1, ISO22000 and 9001.

Stock Visibility
To make it easy for you, you can contact us via a login code LoginThis allows you to track goods identification, order picking and automated stock management anytime and anywhere.

More information?
Are you curious about what we can do for you or would you like more information about the possibilities and rates? Please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our services.

Value Added Services
In addition to these storage options, you can also contact us for mixing and mixing products, adding nitrogen to products, cleaning IBCs and grinding & freeflowing products. Read more about it here .


Warehouse Netherlands?  Contact: alex@oostvogels.nl

Warehouse Belgium?           Contact: adrie@oostvogels-logistics.be

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