Silo & Tank Storage

Oostvogels Group BV has a total silo and tank capacity of 7500 m³ for dry bulk and 5000 m³ for liquid storage. This offers you the opportunity to store your products with us carefree and efficiently.

Silo & Tank storage capacity

Your products can be stored with us in silos of various sizes. We have several silos with a capacity of 70 tons to 1200 tons. All our silos can be used for both dry and liquid storage.

Repacking and filling
If your customer requires a different type of packaging, we can realize this for you. We can immediately repack the product from a tank or silo into the desired packaging. We can also immediately repackage a dry or liquid product for our customers, in the form of liquid silo storage, into a silo truck. We then use these for delivery in the Benelux. When loading silo trucks, we use metal detection, so that the product is 100% free of metal.

Inliner bags 20ft & flexiliner bags 20ft
We can store inliner bags and flexiliner bags in 20ft containers, filled with liquid or dry products, directly as silo storage or repacking.

Own weighbridge
Because we have our own weighbridge, it is prevented that a driver who comes to load or unload with us loses unnecessary time. Our weighbridge can be found on the site of our location in Meer (Belgium). This branch is only 3 kilometers away from our branches in the Netherlands.

Value Added Services
In addition to these options, you can also contact us for mixing products, adding nitrogen to products, cleaning IBCs and grinding & freeflowing products.

Other storage
We do not only have silo & tank storage. On the page warehouse you will find everything about our storage options.

More information?
Are you curious about what we can do for you or would you like more information about the options and rates? Please contact us. We love to tell you more about our services.

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