For many years, we have specialized in repacking, packaging, labeling, grinding and/or filling products. We can take care of all your repackaging requirements. Oostvogels Group has a wide range of packaging options. This way we can repackage your product to a content of 1 to 1.000 kilos. This through the following ways: 

Repacking bags, cartons or drums

You can choose from different sizes and sizes with these packs. In addition, with our bags you have the choice to close them by means of an open mouth or by means of a valve.

Repacking IBCs

If you want to repackage your liquid product into a bulk package, you can opt for IBCs. We have both plastic IBCs and metal IBCs.

Repacking Big Bags

We also have big bags in different sizes. We have the option of repacking your product into big bags of 500 kg, 750 kg, 800 kg or 1.000 kg.

In addition to these options, we can also realize the following repacking orders for you:

Inliner bags 20ft
Inliner bags in 20ft containers, filled with lysine, we can store directly as silo storage or repack into bags and / or big bags.

Flexiliners bags 20ft
We can directly store Flexiliner bags in 20ft containers as liquid silo storage or repackage to IBCs, barrels and / or cans.

Silo trucks dry & liquid
For our customers we can repack dry or liquid product, in the form of liquid silo storage, bags or big bags, directly to a silo truck, which we then use for delivery in the Benelux. When loading silo trucks we use metal detection, so that the product is 100% free of metal.

Industrial goods
In addition to Food, Feed and Pharma products, we also repack industrial goods. You can think of products for the paint industry or the oil industry.

More information?
Are you curious about what we can do for you or would you like more information about the options and rates? Please contact us. We love to tell you more about our services.

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