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In 1930, the then 18-year old entrepreneur Oostvogels Sr. decided to start his own business in the village of Achtmaal, a small village on the Dutch border, in the province of North Brabant.

His first real order was to transport soil to the local swamp. Less than two years later, the horses and carriages were replaced by real trucks and the transport of livestock and agricultural products began. After the war, the activities were resumed by means of a GMC truck, which had previously belonged to the military, after which the first new vehicles were purchased in 1960.

In 1968, Oostvogels Sr. officially passed on his company to two of his sons, who proactively furthered their father’s business by introducing 4 new vehicles and building a 1000-sqm warehouse. When his brother had to retire in 1989 for health reasons, Johan Oostvogels continued the enterprise by himself. Oostvogels BV would later move to the strategically located industrial Hazeldonk estate.

Meanwhile, business kept growing steadily. In 2006, Johan Oostvogels officially passed on his company to Claudia and Edwin Oostvogels, who have been running it ever since.
At present, the company has 90 active tractor units and a storage capacity of over 60,000 square metres and it is only a matter of time before the fourth generation of Oostvogels will lead the family business into the future.

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