The history of Oostvogels Groep BV goes back almost a century. In 1930, the enterprising Oostvogels Senior, at the age of 18, started his own company in Achtmaal in Brabant. Where it started with transporting soil to the local swamp, the business soon expanded and horse and cart were traded in for a real truck. This started the transport of livestock and agricultural products. After the war, activities resumed with a former army GMC. Shortly afterwards, in 1960, the first new cars were purchased.


The transfer

In 1968, Senior officially transferred his company to two of his sons. They tackled the matter energetically with four new trucks and the construction of a 1.000m2 warehouse. When his brother had to quit in 1989 due to health problems, Johan Oostvogels continued the company alone. Due to the growth of the company, Oostvogels Groep BV later moved to the strategically located industrial estate Logistic Center Hazeldonk-Meer.


The third generation

In the following years, growth continued and in 2006 Claudia and Edwin officially took over the company from their father Johan Oostvogels. This makes them the third generation to run the company. There are currently 90 tractor units in operation and the company has a storage space of over 70,000 m2 available in both Belgium and the Netherlands.


Acquisition by Neele-Vat

Oostvogels Groep BV was acquired on 1 January 2018 by Neele-Vat logistics. Oostvogels continues to operate under its own name, but is now part of Neele-Vat. Together with Neele-Vat, Oostvogels can better facilitate its customers in their growth and anticipate innovations, such as digitization and sustainability. Neele-Vat in turn benefits from the strategic location, the packaging options and the solid basis in feed, food and the chemicals industry of Oostvogels.

part of Neele-Vat